Marosi Stromboli | è l'etica che orienta, l'estetica muta perpetua.
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Back to the roofs

Stromboli, 29th August – 4th September 2022

Marosi is an international festival of multidisciplinary performing art, dedicated to the processes of creation in contemporary art languages. Its fourth edition will take place in Stromboli at the beginning of September with “Back to the Roofs”.
The roofs of the houses will be the workplace opf the hosted artists, for the making of performances, practices and happenings suspended between sea and sky. In 2022 Marosi will welcome local and international artists from dance, performance and music. A synergetic programme capable of ranging between different languages and relating to the physical and symbolic space of the island. Being a context-specific Festival, the artists will arrive in Stromboli at least 5 days before the start of the Festival. All shows are free

Around a process of making

Open Call

Annika Pannitto, Peter Jasko, Clara Furey, Maya M. Carroll
from 29.08 to 02.09 2022
Call to 6 projects

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Back to the Roofs

29 August – 4 September 2022

Meet the Choregrapher!
with Annika Pannitto
Art and Community – Kids
Creative Lab for Kids and youngsters

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Marosi challenge

The challenge that the project wants to launch is to give centrality to insular looks and in time to stimulate collaborations with independent and institutional projects that believe in the encounter between art, research and territory, to create networks of exchange and comparison between professionals in the performing arts and in research. Doing this from a small island of Fire in the middle of the Mediterranean to land new islands and new lands is our purpose.
The Island is not only a physical reality, it is also a symbolic dimension. The island is a marginal and isolated micro-continent only if conceived in connection with the mainland.
Islands are those places where you always train your gaze beyond the horizon.

Origins of the project

Marosi means “stormy sea wave”. For us great wave of potential transformation. Marosi Stromboli is a project entirely curated by artists that aims to promote research in the body arts and in contemporary performing languages on Stromboli island and to create a synergistic relationship it.


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The space and the island

Our workspace will be the Parco Parco, an outdoor area surrounded by a large garden of ears, poppies and daisies with dry stone walls, surrounded by vegetable gardens where local products – some of which are otherwise forgotten products – are grown and transformed.


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Marosi Association

Marosi is aimed at a heterogeneous audience; not only artists, curators and researchers but also all those who are curious to understand the phases of the creative process.


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