Marosi Stromboli | Around a process of making 2023
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Around a Process of making is a higher education, research and mentoring project focused on the creative process.

It is devoted to rethinking forms and roles in the transmission of knowledge and experience; it is a non-hierarchical space where we can explore the methods, tools and possibilities that artistic research arising from body practice generates.

This call is for unpublished and emerging choreographic/performance research projects. 

A maximum of 6 artists and/or performers will be selected. 

In the case of duo or trio or ensemble projects, it will be possible to host only one member of the project on the island, who will work for the benefit of the group, reporting back to the others on the work done.

It is aimed, in particular, at artists working in the field of dance, choreography and/or performing arts also with a multidisciplinary spectrum, who have a strong interest in the creative process.

There is no age limit.
The entire process will be in English, with the possibility of expression in Italian and Spanish.

At the initial stage of each process, there is a relentless and restless questioning activity. The relationship with questions is made explicit in research and sometimes in the production of research methodologies that allow us to get closer and closer to what we are generating. This phase is often characterized by the artist’s solitude in the face of the matter he or she is moving. The present programme intends to complement the space of necessary solitude with a space where the sharing of research practices and the confrontation and transmission with coaches can multiply the opportunities for looking and positioning.



For this year, the program will be structured through two immersive periods of about one week on the island of Stromboli over 10 months.
September 13 – 18, 2023 and  June 15 – 22, 2024 or July 3 – 8, 2024. 

Download the Call with detailed description and partecipate to selection

Between the two phases, a schedule of online meetings will be established on a digital platform where each participant can continue to feed back research questions with the Marosi team and coaches