Marosi Stromboli | Art and Community – Adults
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Art and Community – Adults

is a cycle of workshops and appointments on body awareness aimed at non-professionals, to explore one’s relationship with the body through somatic practice. These practices may range from disciplines such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Body-mind centering to choreographic and musical workshops by local and international artists. Art and community activities may also involve talks or sharing practices and participatory workshops. These activities, curated and conducted by the Marosi Team, will see, from year to year, the active participation of some of the guest artists of the Festival and of specialized professionals in the pedagogical field.

By deconstructing the imagery of Western fitness, the meetings aim to allow everyone to enter into a profound work of knowing their own body. Including the participation of a wider audience in our actions also means encouraging the habit and familiarity with the languages ​​of contemporary artistic production, dance and performance.



Unlocking the body

Basti/Caimmi & Hugo Sanchez

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