Marosi Stromboli | Art and Community – Adults 2023
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Art and Community – Adults

is a cycle of workshops and appointments on body awareness aimed at non-professionals, to explore one’s relationship with the body through somatic practice. These practices may range from disciplines such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, Body-mind centering to choreographic and musical workshops by local and international artists.

Unlocking the body
21-25 June 2023

UNLOCKING THE BODY is a journey inward, accompanied by a guiding voice and immersed in a sound journey. It is a time to oneself in which to be without being observed. It is rooted in the UNLOCK research project, particularly in UNLOCKING, the workshop path that, by reflecting on key research themes, opens up to the sharing of practices and theories. UNLOCK is a project platform that revolves around the theme of control devices and the action they perform on our bodies. By control device we mean “anything that has in some way the capacity to capture, direct, determine, intercept, shape, control and secure the gestures, conducts, opinions and discourses of living beings” (G. Agamben). Today, invaded by online seminars, zoom classes, skype meetings, we choose to put our gaze to rest and try to move it inward, to escape the mediation of images, the doubt of correct execution, the temptation to proceed by imitation over a somatic proposition. UNLOCKING THE BODY proposes very subtle somatic practices, working on body awareness, perception of the body’s interior, relaxation and rest, with special attention to the diaphragm, the ileo-psoas muscle and the relationship to gravity. The sound, curated by DJ and producer Hugo Sanchez, creates an immersive and imaginative sound environment and, with the use of low frequencies, acts on the body’s internal fluids. Coming to light during the lockdown in the form of radio podcasts (hosted within the Transmission from East Rome_Radio Fanfulla schedule), today Unlocking the body aims to invite a community to share a place and time together, taking care of the safety and tranquility of all bodies. The live version includes the live intervention of Hugo Sanchez, who, through his sounds, dialogues with the bodies and the guiding voice, in an exchange that becomes stimulus and flow. The voice modulates, becomes rhythm and sound and accompanies, also live, the participants’ journey. Host of Transmission from Rome East Fanfulla Radio Presidium: podcast


Unlocking the body, Body exploration practice by Basti/Caimmi & Hugo Sanchez

*the practice program could change. Ask to the infopoint!