Marosi Stromboli | Marosi Publishing
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• A new segment, born from the development of Marosi Collateral Projects / Atelier, is the Marosi Publishing, a project that aims to create new publishing possibilities on the meeting point between choreographic and visual thinking.

The goal will be the (self)- production of different materials for in-depth study on the theme of creation processes in artistic research: books, zines, posters, notes, diaries, essays, talks, actions and publications.
The publication process will be a sort of extension of the working time, the means by which to go from the ephemeral of the performance to the permanent of the documentation: the living and constantly evolving matter of creation process is transformed, in the encounter with the visual arts and documental language opening up to the possibility to identify new methodologies and tools of creation, nourishing a dialogue between art and science.

Physical places that – through the language of art and creativity – stimulate aggregation and collaboration.