Marosi Stromboli | Open Movements
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Open movement sessions, different approaches to body work: dance, listening, improvisation, choreographic composition, play, yoga and other awareness techniques through movement.

Open movement aims to bring together non-professionals from different age groups to the creative paths of Marosi Festival through the discovery of their body or the relationship with the territory through the body. Some proposals are articulated as regular classes, others as explorations of places, themes, sounds and imaginaries.

Open movement wants to create an opportunity of encounter between the artists and the territory, creating a space of interaction that stimulates the curiosity towards creative work, awakening the awareness of the body as an inhabitant of a territory.

Some of these activities will be aimed at promoting the discovery of the island and its nature, with outdoor work sessions: in the gardens, on the beaches, in the streets and so forth. With a careful declination of the site specific, each artist will identify practices and strategies in contact with nature and with their own needs of transmission.

Curated by Marosi team with possibility of extension to the artists who are guests of the Festival.