Marosi Stromboli | The Art of Making #2 / The performative practice
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9th of February,
h 19.30

On February 9th 2019, towards the conclusion of Marosi Napoli, we welcome you from 7.30 pm at the Asilo with THE ART OF MAKING / The performative practice. The idea is to open up a space for the sharing of works, small performances and a set of instant composition – called Marosi Instant Dance Making – involving the participants of the workshop-residency and the Napoli dance community.



is a performative practice of instant composition that we experienced during Marosi Festival 2017.

The idea is to use all the tools and elements that the participants have at their disposal like light, sound, body, object and to divide the group into two subgroups, always guaranteeing fluidity in the exchange of roles.

The first group, which we called “functional”, deals with establishing the rules of the game by drawing up a list of tasks and suggestions that will guide improvisation. The list will be made known to the second group, the “performative” according to the times and methods established by the first.

Having common rules and objectives helps those who participate to have a special complicity and constant attention to the whole improvisation process, while making the actions most readable for the spectator.


If you are a professional performer and you are keen to be part of it, please write to with a small presentation