Marosi Stromboli | The Children of the Atlas
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The Children of the Atlas is the cycles of workshops of creative movement and dance for children and youngsters of Stromboli island, curated by Marosi Festival in collaboration with Scuola in mezzo al Mare Association and the Stromboli Public School.

Atlas, maps, geographies and Islands will be the themes we will discover through the body work. Dance and movement have in some way a strong geographical component, because they speak to us continuously about directions, surfaces, dimensions, space in relation to time and to the body.

The children will be involved in a series of workshops and guided explorations led by artists both within the context of the school during the academic year and in our work-space (Parco-Parco).

Our intention is that this program grows over time, acting continuously and in relation to other artistic languages such as photography, theater, story-telling and music. The goal is to accompany the children through the phases of a small creative process until the materialization of a collective composition in which the authors are children.


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