Marosi Stromboli | Winter Edition 2019
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Winter Edition 2018

Naples, 4th August – 10th February

Marosi moves from Stromboli touching the mainland beyond the physical boundaries of the island of fire. Marosi approaches another volcano, the Vesuvius to be in Naples from the 4th to the 10th of February. In this movement, Marosi symbolically brings the island of Stromboli towards another space of geographies and projects. From the island to a city, any island in the city, islands of islands to compose an archipelago that belongs to a modular cartography made by waves.
This shift stems from the desire to extend Marosi’s research paths into another frame, creating tangible connections between territories along with new possibilities of exchange and collaboration. With this edition, our aim is to connect islands and volcanoes, bringing our visions and utopias available to a wider audience.


4th to 8th of February


Workshop / Residency
Approach to a creation process

German Jaregui and Anti Diaz


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The art of making #1

9 Febbraio


Open sessions / Marosi Night
Marosi Instant Dance Making

Open to the public


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The art of making #2

10 Febbraio


Marosi research panel
Art as research

Practices and Theories around the Creation Process

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The art of making #3

10 Febbraio, h.19.30


Marosi a Superotium
Souvenirs from Europe

A portable exhibition by Ghost Editions


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