Marosi Stromboli | Festa del Fuoco Association
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The Festa del Fuoco Association was founded in 2008 with the main objective of celebrating the fire and promoting, supporting and spreading Fire and Flow arts on the island of Stromboli. Since, The Festa del Fuoco grows and develops considerably over the years thanks to the commitment of its creator and artistic director, August Schuldes called Gusti. It is thanks to his vision that, in few years, the Festival becomes the Festival of the island per definition. Artists from all over the world are invited to present or create their shows, to live the island through an uncommon artistic and community experience. In 2016, following the disappearance of Gusti, the Association must necessarily rethink and direct part of its activities towards the development of different projects with a common orientation. La Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli continues to be the epicenter and sacred heart of the Association.Since 2017, the activities of the Festa del Fuoco Association are divided into areas that embrace the cultural, artistic, agro-food and social sectors. For the Associazione Art, Culture and Agriculture are elements in close correspondence able to generate meetings, innovation, beauty and movement. The Association intends to promote artistic and cultural activities with the main purpose of promoting the cultural development of its territory of reference: the island of Stromboli. To this end, it develops and supports projects in synergy with other associations on the island such as, for example, La Scuola in Mezzo al Mare (projects for children and teenagers) or Radio Stromboli. Its ethical vision directs the planning of activities mostly towards periods of low or middle season, in order to encourage cultural tourism movements.


Specifically, the Festa del Fuoco Association organizes the organization, production and logistics of events, residencies, workshops and retreat, shows, festivals, concerts, open-air cinema. The Festa del Fuoco Association generates its projects from within or makes possible the proposals of partner reality.


The activities that the Association is building autonomously or in collaboration with its partners are:


       Fire Festival

       Volcano Retreat

       International Fire Arts Retreat

       Marosi Festival

Cinema (themed cinema seasons, film soundtracks and connections with Film Festival)

Agri-food Project of the Park-Park (natural cultivation and transformation of raw materials, rediscovery of local products and knowledge related to the land, pedagogical and educational activities aimed at children, amateurs and expert farmers)

        Music (concerts, film soundtracks)

       Theater (theatrical performances of the territory and not)

       Activities of well-being and awareness (Yoga, Feldenkrais and other paths related to body awareness through movement).