Marosi Stromboli | Research Edition 2018
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The issue of multi and inter-disciplinarity, for us already deeply implicit in the performing arts, becomes this year the axis and the inspiring line of the project. Our aim is, indeed, to encourage new partnerships and collaborations. To this purpose we realized that a more complex organization was needed. From 2018 onwards, Marosi Festival that will have a character of biennial event: Marosi Festival – Research and Marosi Festival – Performing.
The idea is that this long time, rather than creating an alternation, give place to a long duration capable of giving perspective to projects, encounters between artists, fostering at the same time a deep relation with the territory. One year we will focus more on research and higher education to give greater emphasis to the “quality of encounter” between the trainer and the participating artists.
It is also a space-time fragment where work is produced and transformed through the encounter with the Other (other peers, teachers, works, poetics, ethics, aesthetics, nature, environment and so forth), to test new modalities of learning and interaction between people, landscapes, visions and imaginaries.

Research and Training Program

The workshops are structured as an artistic residence and the Ateliers are the places to exchange knowledge and work space and from which to imagine new individual or collaborative productions, some of which will then be hosted in our Festival the following year.

Workshop – Residency

We think about the workshop-residency as a moment where artists make a movement of suspension from their own personal every-day space to come in a space of concentration able to open itself to the world, to nature and – most important – to the need of sharing their own vision. We believe that this encounter could stimulate a critical engagement in artistic practice providing useful networks opportunities for artists and for the local community. Within this conception, “education” is not necessarily a moment that precedes work.
It is also a space-time fragment where work is produced and transformed through the encounter with the Other (other peers, teachers, works, poetics, ethics, aesthetics, nature, environment and so forth), to test new modalities of learning and interaction between people, landscapes, visions and imaginaries.


The workshop/residence has the intention to launch a continuity able – in the years to come – to gather different learning approaches on creation process and occasions of exchange that – instead of being neutral or touristic oriented – are in a deep relationship with the island and with the life of its community.

Workshops / Residencies

Workshop / Residency #1
27 – 31 August

Ma vie va changer

with João Fiadeiro and Carolina Campos

Workshop / Residency #2
5 – 9 September

Approach to a creation process

with Jerman Jaregui and Antia Diaz

Workshop / Residency #3
12 – 16 September

Strategies of Detachment

with Borja Ramos

Atlas 1.0
2 – 4 September

Atelier of Zine Making

with Alessia Bernandini and Michela Palermo

M-Publishing talks

The politics of Images: Ma vie va a changer

27th August 2018
h. 18:30 @ Parco-Parco

The interest of João Fiadeiro and Carolina Campos in the book “Ma vie va changer” as a point of departure for a research and creative process about the exposure of one own private life as a public matter will be one of the guideline of this talk.

“Ma vie va changer” by Patrícia Almeida and David-Alexandre Guéniot published by GHOST Editions in 2015 is a good example of one of the editorial line of the publisher.

Since 2011, GHOST publishes books that emphasize visual narratives and articulate a “politics of image”, i.e. critical approaches on the uses and conditions for receiving the image, be it documentary, archival, fictional or appropriated. The first part of the talk will be dedicated to projects published by GHOST that nourish this reflexion and to the analysis of the book “Ma vie va changer”.

Performative Books

29th August 2018
h. 18:30 @ Parco-Parco

The second talk will be dedicated to another editorial line of GHOST Editions: the possibilities of translating performing artworks (research works, shows, performances) into art books.

The origin of this interest comes from the formal challenges that the performing arts pose to the book as an art object forcing it to inevitably invent new narratives.
In this part, we will present different books published by GHOST where the question of performativity is at stake: performativity of the contents and performativity of the reader.

Talk n’ Sound

Expended Sound | Notes around the sound dimension in contemporary creation

Saturday, 8th September 2018
7:30 p.m. Parco-Parco, Stromboli

by Daniela Cattivelli

This talk is oriented around the role of sound in the choreographic, theatrical or performing art creation process. Which sound, including silence, and why. Starting from a perspective of expanded sound, no longer exclusively musical, but which extends to a wide range of acoustic, electrical, concrete, synthetic signals, stimuli and cues will be provided to think and design the sound in the performative field. The intervention is structured starting from my personal experience. Through plays and visions of a selected number of projects realized alone or in collaboration with other artists (choreographers, theater directors, video artists, performers), different methods of approach and use of the sound component will be explored.

Open Movements


with Anna Basti

Discovery || care || joint possibility || body weight | ability to surrender to gravity and to the action of the other || trust || consent

Object of the investigation, the body. In particular the meeting between the bodies.

Meeting that is often denied, filtered, relegated to the love territory or vice versa in embarrassment.
Approaching with a careful and sensitive look, with the desire to understand and discover, starting from a common territory that is the body itself. Understanding ourselves better by understanding the other body.

Two bodies, one acts, the other lets himself act. Both active, differently.

Through a very simple sequence that gradually explores the joints, from the smallest to those involving larger bones, this path of discovery is declined.

No prior training is required.

Work session open to all bodies over 16.

Vinyasa Flow

with Anna Marocco

Vinyasa Flow is a vigorous and creative style of Yoga where the asanas (postures) are connected forming a sequence according with the rhythm of the breath. We will then enter gradually into a sinuous flow, into a dance. However, some postures can be kept longer for greater physical and inner exploration or adapted to the needs of the participants. The sequence, always different includes some postures such as inversions, balance postures on the arms, back bends guided by verbal indications and adjustments to allow everyone to practice safely according with their feelings and their abilities in the moment. The slopes of the Stromboli Volcano will be the background of our morning practices, a privileged context to immerse ourselves in the deep listening of our body.

Classes are open to all levels, possibly bring your own mat and comfortable clothes.

duration: 1h 15m

What makes you move

with Giulia Ferrato

The training that I propose during this week of sharing practice starts from listening to an enormous transformation of the body that invests and changes my physical perception: the growth of a child inside me. How does our physicality change when everything is undergoing transformation? How do we work with our habits, trends, impulses and memories in action? I am aware that the revolutions of the body are not always explicit in large gestures or external manifestations. They are made of small, sometimes imperceptible signals that gradually condense and materialize in a new alphabet and a new form, leading us to the awareness of an unmistakable presence and a new tuning of sensory returns. Through this resonance, the relationship between inside and outside is continually questioned: what seemed like a small space becomes a bag able to expand and all the surrounding organs respond by making space. The immediacy of physical response becomes expectation and containment. All this can only reconfigure the daily practice of choreographic training from which we start, made of all the habits and legacies we have available. We will work with the different forms of attention that we bring to the movement, playing thanks to its oscillations. We will explore the relationship between concentration and distraction, between impulse and design, playing scales and dimensions. We will question our relationship with rhythm, time, space, weight and gravity towards a choreographic cartography starting from the internal beat that makes you move.

Open session

with Luna Cecere

The focus of the class is the breathing, the listening of the energy that travels through the body out to the space. We will observe and acknowledge, experience, and learn about the anatomy of the body as tool for the movement and expression of our inner state. The aim is to build an attentive listening to open up our body and mind.

The Listening Animal

with Eddie Oroyan & Jessica Eirado Enes

An open level contact improvisation partnering class with an emphasis on deep listening and empathic moving, what it means to join a movement journey and to explore partnering through agreement rather than forced manipulation. At the same time, we will work through a series of tools and games to help free the mind to be present and available to make quick decisions. We will teach some basic partnering skills, so it is not important that you have a background of in contact improvisation. One of the main objectives of the class it to mindfully train the brain alongside the body and to develop awareness and choice, specifically when dancing with another person. The class will offer physical challenge, but always encouraging the joy in being the movers that we are now, not waiting until we are the movers we want to be!