Marosi Stromboli | Atelier of Zine Making
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Atlas 1.0
2nd – 4th September 2018
with Alessia Bernardini and Michela Palermo

The photographic image leaves behind a trace while at the same time creates an artistic gesture, memory and document. Photography lasts. It is disseminated in books and postcards, and through digital media it is downloaded and spread throughout the world. The performance, however, is characterized by its transience, a moment later it may no longer exist. Its fruition implies the formation of an “assembly” in which the spectators are called to witness its existence.
What defines the intensity of a “gesture” and how can we transfer the movement into a two-dimensional object like a photograph? How can this object transmit the geography of bodies, pushing bodies to dance, to move, to act?
Involving artists from both the performative sphere and the visual arts, using the photographic medium, we will build together a “zine”, a small collective publication, working together on the narration of a place, real or imagined, around the experience of Marosi.


The workshop’s goal is the realization of a collective fanzine by the participants.
A list of objects and experiences will be given to the participants to be described through photographic images or texts before the start of the workshop (the production of photographic material can be made with elementary shooting tools such as mobile phones and digital cameras). It is required that you prepare and bring this material with you to the workshop.

During the workshop a temporary library will be set up for the workshop to show examples of publications with different styles and editorial language.

We will follow the steps of designing a collective publication with the materials produced with your materials brought to the workshop, by addressing sessions of editing and layout of your materials, and subsequent printing*, in order to produce a final dummy for the publication.

Consider we will be on an island, so the quality of printing will be not perfect, but the goal is the process. The objective of the workshop is the analysis and construction of narrative models through the use of text and images.

It is directed to artists coming from dance, performance, photography, theatre, visual and sound fields but also to book-makers and communicators.


• Full Fee: 80 euro (Deadline 10th August)
• Early Bird: 50 (Deadline 10th July)

• Special Offers available if you:
> Attend more than one workshop
> Come with your research group (-25% discount on full fee)

Send your CV or a short bio: with email subject: Atelier of zine making, . Please write a letter of motivation, answering the question:Who/where do you belong to?


Alessia Bernardini

Alessia Bernardini is a photographer and book maker based in Milan. She is concerned with finding a personal perspective over the look at social, anthropological, and poetical issues. She is interested in developing the relationships between elements such as the biographical stories of people, fiction(al) stories, and archive images. She is founder and member of “Tutamondo”, a collective engaged in community art projects.


Michela Palermo

Michela Palermo’s work is a convergence of her degree in Political Science from the University of Bologna and her studies in Photography at the International Center of Photography in New York. She specializes in self publishing. She teaches courses in photography on both creating and self publishing photography books. Her images are collected in self published zines. She is based in Palermo where she collaborates with MINIMUM studio.